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The Last Mahadevi

The Last Mahadevi is an 86 minute documentary about Inge Sargent's life; produced by Joachim Puls and Bilderwerk Munchen Filmproduction; directed by Karin Kaper and Dirk Szuszies. The film was made in both German and English.

The German version (Die Himmlische Prinzessin) premiered at the Eiszeit Kino in Berlin on March 23, 2000. The first European broadcast was in German and French (voice over) on Arte on March 28, 2000. The film also has been shown on Bayerisher Rundfunk in Germany and ORF in Austria. In addition, there was a special free screening on June 27, 2000 in Klagenfurt, Austria where Inge Sargent and Joachim Puls were present.

The English version debuted in North America at the Aurora Asian Film Festival on June 2, 2000. It was also featured at the Denver International Film Festival 2000 and has been shown in Honolulu, Vancouver, and Mill Valley.

The film takes viewers through Inge's life, starting in Austria where she grew up, to Colorado where she met Sao Kya Seng, to Burma where she lived 12 years, and finally back to Colorado where she eventually founded Burma Lifeline.

The film appeared as part of the University of Colorado International Film Series on March 14, 2001 in Boulder, Colorado along with a showing of "Burma, Endangered Land" as described below;

The Last Mahadevi: March 14, 2001, 7pm
Burma, Endangered Land: March 14, 2001, 9pm